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Johnson ControlsJC009Ignition Control Module 5 Minute Recycle Time190.00

Ignition Control Module 5 Minute Recycle Time. Ignition Control Module used on Lennox; Carrier; Coleman; Reznor; York and many other brands. Product Description: Intermittent Ignition; 5 Minute Recycle Time; 1 Trail for Ignition for 85 seconds; Control with 1/4 inch male spade wiring. Replaces obsolete Ignition Module Part Numbers: G770RH-1 025-29012-003 02529012003 G775RJD-1 G775RJD-1C 325-29012-004 32529012004 JOHG775RJD-2C CARL38969 CARL40355 CARG775RJD2C Used in Coleman; York Equipment Models: DM060N10P4ABC1A D7CG060N09925A BPGM036 BPGM042 BPGM048 BPGM060 D2CG072 D4CG090 D4CG150 D7CG036 D7CG042 D7CG048 D7CG060


Package Quantity1
TypeIgnition Control Module