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MultipleSEQ5515KW Electric Sequencer Heat Relay65.00

5KW Electric Sequencer Heat Relay used in Amana; Goodman; Janitrol equipment Technical Specifications: Sequencer with one switch. 20-55 Seconds On; 40-110 Seconds Off. Bottom Terminals are 24 Volt; Top Terminals are 240 Volt; Base Plate 1 5/8 inch x 2 inches. Replaces Part Numbers: SEQ551; B1256558; B12565-58; B1256551; B12565-51; BT1256500; 309561. Used on Amana; Goodman; Janitrol Models: 5,000KW units: A120-00-5F; A18-05; A18-05C; A24-05; A24-05C; A30-05; A32-03; A32-05; A32-05C; A36-05; A36-05C; ACNF18051; ACNF18051AA; ACNF18051BA; ACNF180516; ACNF180516AA; ACNF180516DA; ACNF24051; ACNF24051AA; ACNF24051BA; ACNF240516; ACNF240516AA; ACNF240516DA; ACNF30051; ACNF30051AA; ACNF30051BA; ACNF300516; ACNF300516AA; ACNF300516DA; AE24-05A; AE30-05A; AR090; AR0904; AR0904AA; AR120; AR1204; AR1204AA; AR120F; AR90F; AV18-30-05; AW18-05C; AW24-05C; AW30-05C; AWB18-03C; AWB18-03C-A; AWB18-03C-A; AWB24-03C; AWB24-03C-A; AWB30-03C; AWB30-03C; AWB30-03C-A; AWB36-05C; AWB36-05C-A; AWB36-05C-B; AWUF180316; AWUF180316BA; AWUF180516; AWUF180516BA; AWUF180816; AWUF180816BA; AWUF240316; AWUF240316BA; AWUF24051; AWUF24051AA; AWUF24051BA; AWUF240516; AWUF240516AA; AWUF240516BA; AWUF300316; AWUF300316BA; AWUF30051; AWUF30051AA; AWUF300516; AWUF300516AA; AWUF300516BA; AWUF310516; AWUF310516AA; AWUF36051; AWUF36051AA; AWUF360516; AWUF360516AA; AWUF360516BA; AWUF370516; AWUF370516AA; AWUF370516BA; GUN040-2; GUN060-3; GUN075-3; GUN100-4; GUN125-5; GUP040-2; GUP050-2A; GUP060-3; GUP075-3A; GUP080-4; GUP100-4A; GUP100-5; GUP115-5; GUP120-5A; HK20-1; HKR; HKR-15C; HKR-3; HKR-5; HW18-05; PC090-3; PC090-4; PC120-3; PC120-4; PCB090-3; PCB090-4; PCB090-5B; PCB090-5F; PCB120-3; PCB120-4; PCB120-5B; PCB120-5F; PCB150-3; PCB150-4; PCB180-3; PCB180-5B; PCB180-5F; PCC090-3; PCC090-3A; PCC090-3F; PCC090-4; PCC090-4A; PCC090-4F; PCC120-3; PCC120-3A; PCC120-3A; PCC120-3F; PCC120-4; PCC120-4A; PCC120-4F; PG090200-3; PG090200-4; PG120250-3; PG120250-4; PG120250-4; PGB180280-4.


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