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MultipleMOT1541/4 HP, 208/230 Volt, 1 Speed, 825-850 RPM Condenser Fan Motor221.00

1/4 Horsepower; 208/230 Volt; 1 Speed; 825 - 850 RPM Condenser Fan Motor. This is a Universal Replacement for many brands. May need to cut the shaft to the correct length and wiring changes may need to be made. Replaces older 1/5 Horsepower Condenser Motors new Motor will have longer life. All PSC This Motor is design to be used with an external capacitor. The Capacitor operates in the Motor Circuit continuously. The Run Capacitor is designed to keep a constant and even flow of power going to the Motor. The Run Capacitor is sold separately. Technical Specifications: Horsepower: 1/4; RPM Fan Blade On: 825; RPM Fan Blade Off: 850; Voltage: 208/230; Body Diameter: 5 5/8 inches; Frequency: 60 Hz; Mounting: Stud; Bearings: Sleeve; Thermal Protection Automatic; Shaft Dimensions: 1/2 inch; Rotation: Clockwise or Counter Clockwise. Currect Part Number: MOT08914 Replaces Part Numbers: MOT3419 024-27596-010 MOT03419 MOTD934AB 621306 621912 102076 27H3201 27H32 5KCP39KFS258S S131BHU4J3-C2 K55MBS-4053 K55MBS4053 72H3601 MOT1874 10584313 72H36 MOT3D14698 5KCP39KFS258S CARD934 CAR1D211 024-25192-700 02425192000 02425192700 5KCP39LFN971 024-26021-000 02426021000 MOT08550 MOT8550 89F38 89F3801 65C81 65C8101 621911 621305 024-27596-700 F48E14A48 5KCPEFR877AS 5KCP39NGG598S 5KCP39NGG-598S 5KCP39D6L05954P1-G 5KCP39D6L05954 5KCP39D6LO5954 13H36 67C04 67C0401 5KCP39LG5792 MOT48G45A48 5KCP39LGS792 5KCP39LG5792 MOT-6782 MOT06782 MOT6782 MOT03024 MOT3024 MOT03574 MOT3574 MOT04542 MOT4542 MOT06782 MOT6782 K55HXFHD-7740 WW94X0449 MOT08914 MOT8914 MOT02954 MOT2954 GE-3204 024-26068-000 024-27596-000 OYK1028 024-26068-000 02426068000 F48G45A48 Used in Amana; Goodman Air Conditioning Models: RCB36B2A RCB36B2A P1223304C RCB36B2D P1223311C RCB36C2A P1247504C RCB42B2A P1223305C RCB42B2D P1223312C RCB42C2A P1247505C RCB48B2A P1223306C RCB48B2D P1223313C RCB48C2A P1247506C RCB48C2B P1256401C RCB60A2B P1205311C P1218611C RCB60A3B P1205312C P1218612C RCB60B2A P1223307C RCB60B2D P1223314C RCB60C2A P1247507C RCB60C2B P1256402C RCC48A2B P1218517C RCC48A2D P1218526C RCC48A3B P1218518C RCC48A3D P1218529C RCC60A2B P1218519C RCC60A2D P1218527C RCC60A2E P1218537C RCC60A3B P1218520C RCC60A3D P1218530C RCC60C2A P1247907C RCE36A2A P1218709C RCE36A2D P1218715C RCE36C2A P1248003C RCE36C2C P1248009C RCE42A2A P1218710C RCE42A2D P1218716C RCE42C2A P1248004C RCE42C2C P1248010C RCE48A2A P1218711C RCE48A2D P1218717C RCE48C2A P1248005C RCE48C2C P1248011C RCE60A2A P1218712C RCE60A2D P1218718C RCE60C2A P1248006C RCE60C2C P1248012C P1248018C RHA36B2A P1221504C RHA36B2D P1221513C RHA36C2A P1248104C RHA36C2B P1256001C RHA42B2A P1221505C RHA42B2D P1221514C RHA42C2A P1248105C RHA42C2B P1256002C RHA48B2A P1221506C RHA48B2D P1221515C RHA48B3A P1221508C RHA48B3D P1221517C RHA48C2A P1248106C RHA48C2B P1256003C RHA60A2B P1180224C P1218811C RHA60A3B P1180225C P1218812C RHA60B2A P1221507C RHA60B2D P1221516C RHA60B3A P1221509C RHA60B3D P1221518C RHA60C2A P1248107C RHA60C2B P1256004C RHE42A2B P1232205C P1232212C RHE42A2D P1232219C RHE42C2A P1248205C RHE42C2B P1248209C RSC42C2A P1247604C RSC42C2C P1247610C RSC48C2A P1247605C RSC48C2C P1247611C RSC48C2D P1247615C RSC60C2A P1247606C RSD42A2A P1236804C RSD48A2A P1236805C RSD60A2A P1236806C RTC42C2A P1247804C RTC42C2C P1247810C VCC60C2A P1246213C VCC60C2C P1246225C XA10361A P1244104C XA10361B P1248704C XA10421A P1244105C XA10421B P1248705C XA10481A P1244106C XA10481B P1248706C XA10601A P1244107C XA10601B P1248707C XA12481A P1243006C XA12601A P1243007C XA12601B P1248907C XA14361A P1244803C XA14361B P1249003C XA14421A P1244804C XA14421B P1249004C XA14481A P1244805C XA14481B P1249005C XA14601A P1244806C XA14601B P1249006C XH10361A P1242904C XH10361B P1249104C XH10421A P1242905C XH10421B P1249105C XH10481A P1242906C XH10481B P1249106C XH10601A P1242907C XH10601B P1249107C XH12421A P1242805C XH12421B P1249205C XR12421A P1254204C XR12481A P1254205C XR12601A P1254206C Used in Air Conditioning Models: S3BC-060K S3BC060K S3RA-048K S3RA048K S3QA-048K S3QA048K CHP16-6535Y Used in Lennox Heat Pump Air Conditioning Models: HS-25-651-2P HS25-651-2P HS256512P HS-16-651U-4P HS16-651U-4P HP14-411V3P HB14-411U3P HP16-411U-9P Used in American Standard; Trane Air Conditioning Models: TTP060C100A4 TWP042C100A3 TTR060C100A2 TWP060C100A4 TWR042C100A0 TWN042C100A1 TWR048C100A1 TWR048C100A2 TWR048C100A3 TWR060C100A1 TWRO60C100A1 TTR060C100A2 TTRO60C100A2 TTR060C100A2 TTRO60C100A2 TTR060C100A1 TTRO60C100A1 7A2036A100A0 TTP036C100A2 TTP036C100A2 TWX736B100A0 TTP036D100A0 Used in Coleman; York Air Conditioning Models: DRHS0481CB EAC0366BA H1REO30806A HABC-T036SA HABC-T048SA HABC-T060SA HABCT036SA HABCT048SA HABCT060SA H1RE030S06A H1RE036S06A HP048X1021A DRHSO241BD DRHS0241BD E1RE036S06D Used in Air Conditioning Models: TTP036C100A2 XE1200 TTP036C100A2 AC036X1221A AC036X1222A AC036X1222G AC036X1222HA AC036X1222HG AC036X1321A AC042X1221A AC042X1221B AC042X1221G AC042X1221HA AC042X1221HG AC042X1321A AC048X1021A AC048X1021G AC048X1031A AC048X1031G AC048X1221A AC048X1222A AC048X1222G AC048X1222HA AC048X1222HG AC048X1321A AC060X1022A AC060X1022B AC060X1022G AC060X1031A AC060X1031G AC060X1221A AC060X1222A AC060X1223A AC060X1223G AC060X1223HA AC060X1223HG AC060X1224G AC060X1224HG AC2A036F1A AC2A042F1A AC2A048F1A AC2A060F1A AC3B036F1A AC3B036F1B AC3B042F1B AC3B048F1A AC3B060F1A AC5B036F1A AC5B036F1B AC5B048F1A AC5B060F1A AL2A036F1A AL2A042F1A AL2A048F1A AL2A060F1A AL3B036F1A AL3B036F1B AL3B042F1A AL3B048F1A AL3B060F1A AL5B036F1A AL5B036F1B AL5B048F1A AL5B060F1A BCQ601 BRCQ0481BD BRCQ0481BDG BRCQ0551BEG BRCQ0551BE BRCS0481BD BRCS0481BDG BRCS0601BE BRCS0601BEG BRHQ0421CD BRHQ0481BE BRHQ0481BRG BRHS0421CD BRHS0421CDG BRHS0481BE BRHS048BEG BRHS0481CD BRHS0481CE BRHS0601CD BRHS0601CDG CMA03611A CMA04211A CMA04811A CMA06011A CZB03611A CZB03611B CZB04211A CZB04811A CZB06011A CZE03611A CZE03611B CZE04811A CZE06011A DRCQ0361BE DRCQ0361BEG DRCQ0481BE DRCQ0421BEG DRCQ0421BE DRCQ0481BEG DRCS0361BD DRCS0361BE DRCS0361BEG DRCS0421BE DRCS0421BEG DRCS0481BD DRCS0481BE DRCS0481BEG DRCS0601BE DRCS0601BFG DRCS0601CD DRCS0601CE DRCS0601CEG DRHQ0241BD DRHQ0301BD DRHQ0361BD DRHQ0421CD DRHQ0481BE DRHQ0481BEG DRHQ0481BEH DRHS0421CD DRHS0481BE DRHS0481BEG DRHS0481BEH DRHS0601BE DRHS0601BEG DRHS0601BEH DTCQ0481BA DTCQ0481BAG DTCQ0601BA DTCQ0601BAG E1RA042S06D E1RA042S06G E1RA048S25A E1RA060S06D E1RA060S06G E1RA060S25A E1RA060S25G E1RA060S25H E1RC024S06B E1RC024S06C E1RC024S06D E1RC024S06G E1RC030S06B E1RC030S06C E1RC030S06D E1RC030S06G E1RC036S06B E1RC036S06C E1RC036S06D E1RC036S06G E1RC036S25A E1RC036S25G E1RC042S06B E1RC042S06C E1RC042S06D E1RC042S06G E1RC048S25A E1RC048S25G E1RC048S25H E1RC060S25A E1RC060S25G E1RC060S25H E1RD024S06A E1RD030S06A E1RD036S06A E1RD042S06A E1RD048S06A E1RD060S06A E1RE036S06D E1RE036S06G E1RE036S06H E1RE042S06D E1RE042S06G E1RE042S06H E1RE048S06D E1RE048S06G E1RE048S06H E2RA048S06A E2RA048S06G E2RA048S25A E2RA048S25G E2RC048S06A E2RC048S06H E2RC060S06A E2RC060S06G E2RC060S06H EABAF042SE EABAF042SG EABAF060SE EABAF060SG EABAT060SA EABAT060SA EABAT060SG EABAT060SH EABCF024SB EABCF024SD EABCF024SE EABCF024SG EABCF030SB EABCF030SD EABCF030SE EABCF030SG EABCF036SB EABCF036SD EABCF036SE EABCF036SG EABCF042SB EABCF042SD EABCF042SE EABCF042SG EABCT036SG EABCT048SG EABCT048SH EABCT060SG EABCT060SH EABDF024SA EABDF030SA EABDF036SA EABDF042SA EABDF048SA EABDF060SA EABEF036SE EABEF036SG EABEF036SH EABEF042SD EABEF042SE EABEF042SG EABEF042SH EABEF048SD EABEF048SE EABEF048SG EABEF048SH EBBAF048SA EBBAF048SG EBBAT048SA EBBAT048SG EBBAT048SA EBBAT048SG EBBCF048SA EBBCF048SB EBBCF048SG EBBCF048SH EBBCF060SA EBBCF060SB EBBCF060SH ERCQ0361BAG ERCQ0421CAG ERCQ0481CAG ERCS0361BA ERCS0361BAG ERCS0421CA ERCS0481CA ERCS0481CAG ERCS0481CAH ERHQ0241BAA ERHQ0301BAA ERHS0241BA ERHS0301BA ERHS0361BA ERHS0421BA ERHS0481BA ERHS0601BA FRCS0301BD FRCS0361CD FRCS0421CE FRCS0421CEG FRCS0421CEH FRCS0481CE FRCS0481CEG FRCS0481CEH FRCS0601CE FRHS0361CD FRHS0361CDG FRHS0361CDH FRHS0421CD FRHS0421CDG FRHS0421CDH FRHS0481BD FRHS0481BDG FRHS0481BDH H1RA048S06D H1RA048S06G H1RA048S25A H1RA048S25G H1RA060S25A H1RA060S25G H1RC036S25A H1RC036S25G H1RC048S25A H1RC048S25G H1RC060S25A H1RC060S25G H1RD036S06A H1RD036S06G H1RD042S06A H1RD042S06G H1RD048S06A H1RD048S06G H1RD048S06H H1RE030S06D H1RE030S06G H1RE036S06D H1RE036S06G H1RE042S06D H1RE048S06D H1RE060S06A H1TC048S06A H1TC048S06B H1TC048S06G H1TC060S06A H1TC060S06B H1TC060S06G H2RC036S06A H2RC036S06G H2RC036S06HA H2RC036S06HG H2RC042S06A H2RC042S06B H2RC042S06G H2RC042S06HA H2RC042S06HG H2RC048S06A H2RC048S06G H2RC048S06HA H2RC048S06HG H2RC060S06A H2RE042S06A H2RE042S06G H2RE042S06H H2RE048S06A H2RE048S06G H2RE048S06H H3RA060S06A H3RA060S06B H3RA060S06G H3RA060S06N H3RC060S06A H3RC060S06G H3RC060S06HA H3RC060S06HG H4RC060S06G H4RC060S06HG HABAF048SD HABAF048SE HABAF048SG HABAF048SA HABAT048SA HABAT048SG HABAT060SA HABAT060SG HABCF036SE HABCF048SE HABCF060SE HABCT036SA HABCT048SA HABCT060SA HABDF036SA HABDF036SG HABDF042SA HABDF048SA HABDF048SG HABDF048SH HABEF030SD HABEF030SE HABEF030SG HABEF036SD HABEF036SE HABEF036SG HAVEF042SD HABEF048SD HABEF060SA HABEF060SB HATCF048SA HATCF048SB HATCF048SG HATCF060SA HATCF060SB HATCF060SG HBBF036SA HBBF036SG HBBF042SA HBBCF042SB HBBCF042SC HBBCF042SG HBBCF048SA HBBCF048SG HBBCF060SA HBBEF042S HBBEF042SB HBBEF042SG HBBEF042SH HBBEF048S HBBEF048SB HBBEF048SG HBBEF048SH HC2A030F1A HC2A036F1A HC2A042F1A HC2A048F1A HC2A060F1A HC3B030F1A HC3B036F1A HC3B036F1B HC3B042F1A HC3B048F1A HC3B060F1A HC5B036F1A HC5B036F1B HC5B048F1A HC5B060F1A HCBAF060SA HCBAF060SB HCBAF060SG HCBCF060SA HCBCF060SG HDBCF060SG HL2A042F1A HL2A048F1A HL2A060F1A HL3B030F1A HL3B036F1A HL3B036F1B HL3B042F1A HL3B048F1A HL3B060F1A HL5B036F1A HL5B036F1B HL5B048F1A HL5B060F1A HP024X1221A HP024X1221G HP024X1321A HP030X1221A HP030X1221G HP030X1321A HP036X1221A HP036X1221G HP036X1321A HP042X1021A HP042X1021G HP042X1221A HP042X1221G HP042X1321A HP048X1021B HP048X1022A HP048C1022G HP048X1031A HP048X1031B HP048X1032A HP048X1032G HP048X1221A HP048X1221G HP048X1221H HP048X1321A HP060X1021A HP060C1031G HP060X1031H HP060X1031A HP060X1031G HP060X1031H HP060X1221A HP060X1221G HP060X1221H HP060X1321A MBBEF042SH YMA03011A YMA03611A YMA04211A YMA04811A YMA06011A YZB03011A YZB03611A YZB03611B YZB04211A YZB04811A YZB06011A YZE03611A YZE03611B E1RA048S06C YZE04811A YZE06011A


Bearing TypeSleeve
Body Diameter5 5/8 inches
Bore Diameter/Shaft Diameter1/2 inch
Package Quantity1
RotationClockwise or Counter Clockwise
RPM825 - 850
TypeCondenser Fan Motor