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Multiple/A. O. SmithMOT0391/5 HP, 208/230 Volt, 1-Speed, 1075 RPM Condenser Fan Motor199.00

1/5 Horsepower; 208/230 Volt; 1-Speed; 1075 RPM Condenser Fan Motor This motor replaces older 1/6 Horsepower motors and has been upgraded to 1/5 Horsepower. Replace the Run Capacitor every time the Motor is replaced. All PSC Motors are design to be used with an external capacitor. The Capacitor operates in the Motor Circuit continuously. The Run Capacitor is designed to keep a constant and even flow of power going to the Motor. The Run Capacitor is sold separately. Technical Specifications: Type Permanent Split Capacitor Enclosure Totally Enclosed Air Over Motor; Horsepower: 1/5; RPM: 1075; Volts: 208/230; Bearings: Sleeve; Mounting Stud, Band, Base or Lug; Amps 1.2; Motor Speeds: 1; Shaft Size: 1/2; Rotation: Reversible; Totally Enclosed Motor; Single Phase: Yes; Auto Thermal Protection: Yes Shaft Dimensions: 1/2 inch; Diameter: 5.6 inches. Replaces Condenser Fan Motor Part Numbers: 1086486 51-21854-17 512185417 K48GHXFCM_3726 K48GHXFCM-3726 K48GHXFCM3726 5KCP39FGR2515 1087474 MOT2952 MOT02952 1172508 K48HKFCM-3726 5KCP39FFN859BS CARMOT3420 HQ1086598EM 1086598 1064945 1082639 1085925 21C140267P01 KA55HXEFP 745 5KCP39FF M891AS 5KCP39FFM891AS 024-20795-700 024-20794-000 02420795700 02420794000 KCP29GK3643S K048-0927 ORM10206V1 CARD906 CAR4UY93 CAR4UY75 Used in American Standard; Trane Air Conditioning Models: TWR036C100A1 TWRO36C100A1 TTN036C100B TTR030C100A2 TTB730A100A0 TTX036C100A1 RAUB 302B RAUB302B TWR036C100A1 RAUB302A Used in York Air Conditioning Models: MC3625H MC36-6H MCE24-6A Used in Air Heating and Conditioning Brands: Arcoair; Comfortmaker; Heil; Tempstar; Synder General; Intercity Products. Used in Equipment Models: AG030GB2 AG036GB2 AH018GA3 AH024GA2 AH030GA2 APFM24K000A APFM24K000E APFM30K000A APFM30K000E CA5530VKD2 CA5536VKD2 CA9018VKD3 CA9024VKD2 CA9030VKD2 CH9518VKCA CH9524VKCA CH9530VKCA GPCM18K040A GPCM18K040D GPCM18K040E GPCM24K040A GPCM24K040D GPCM24K040E GPCM24K060A GPCM24K060D GPCM24K060E GPCM30K060A GPCM30K060D GPCM30K060E GPCM30K080A GPCM30K080D GPCM30K080E GPFM18K040A GPFM18K040D GPFM18K040E GPFM24K040A GPFM24K040D GPFM24K040E GPFM24K060A GPFM24K060D GPFM24K060E GPFM30K060A GPFM30K060D GPFM30K060E GPFM30K080A GPFM30K080D GPFM30K080E GPS024K060D GPS024K060E GPS030K080D GPS030K080E HPFM24K000A HPFM24K000E HPFM30K000A HPFM30K000E PA5524AKA4 PA5524AKA5 PA5524AKA6 PA5530AKA4 PA5530AKA5 PA5530AKA6 PAF024K000A PAF024K000E PAF030K000A PAF030K000E PAPA24GA4 PAPA24GA5 PAPA24GA6 PAPA30GA4 PAPA30GA5 PAPA30GA6 PGC018K040A PGC018K040D PGC018K040E PGC024K040A PGC024K040D PGC024K040E PGC024K060A PGC024K060D PGC024K060E PGC030K060A PGC030K060D PGC030K060E PGC030K080A PGC030K080D PGC030K080E PGF018K040A PGF018K040D PGF018K040E PGF024K040A PGF024K040D PGF024K040E PGF024K060A PGF024K060D PGF024K060E PGF030K060A PGF030K060D PGF030K060E PGF030K080A PGF030K080D PGF030K080E PGS024K060A PGS024K060D PGS024K060E PGS030K080A PGS030K080D PGS030K080E PH5524AKA4 PH5524AKA5 PH5524AKA6 PH5530AKA4 PH5530AKA5 PH5530AKA6 PHF024K000A PHF024K000E PHF030K000A PHF030K000E PYPA24GA4 PYPA24GA5 PYPA24GA6 PYPA30GA4 PYPA30GA5 PYPA30GA6 ACA018AWA3 ACA018PWA3 ACA024AWA3 ACA024PWA3 ACC012AKA1 ACC018AWA1 ACC018PWA2 ACC024AWA1 ACC024PWA2 AG018GB2 AG024GB1 AG024GB2 AG030GB1 AG030GB3 AG036GB1 AH018GA1 AH018GA2 AH024GA1 AH030GA1 AHP018AWA1 AHP024AWA1 APFM24K000A APFM30K000A CA5518VKD2 CA5518VKD3 CA5524VKD1 CA5524VKD2 CA5530VKD1 CA5530VKD3 CA5536VHD3 CA5536VKD1 CA9018VKD1 CA9018VKD2 CA9024VKD1 CA9030VKD1 CBA036HB3 CH5518VKC2 CH5518VKC3 CH5518VKD1 CH5524VKC2 CH5524VKC3 CH5524VKD1 CH9518VKB2 CH9518VKC1 CH9518VKC2 CH9524VKB2 CH9524VKC1 CH9530VKB2 CH9530VKC1 CHP018AWA1 CHP018AWA3 CHP018AWA4 CHP018AWA5 CHP024AWA1 CHP024AWA2 CHP024AWA3 CHP024AWA4 GPCM18K040A GPCM24K040A GPCM24K060A GPCM30K060A GPCM30K080A GPFM18K040A GPFM24K040A GPFM24K060A GPFM30K060A GPFM30K080A HPFM24K000A HPFM30K000A NAC012AKA1 NAC012AKA3 NAC018AWA1 NAC018AWA2 NAC018AWA3 NAC018PWA2 NAC024AWA1 NAC024AWA2 NAC024AWA3 NAC024PWA2 PA5524AKA4 PA5530AKA4 PAF024K000A PAF030K000A PAPA24GA4 PAPA30GA4 PGC018K040A PGC024K040A PGC024K060A PGC030K060A PGC030K080A PGF018K040A PGF024K040A PGF024K060A PGF030K060A PGF030K080A PH5524AKA4 PH5530AKA4 PHF024K000A PHF030K000A PYPA24GA4 PYPA30GA4 YG018GA2 YG018GB1 YG018GB2 YG024GA2 YG024GB1 YG030GA2 YG030GB1 YJ018GA2 YJ018GA3 YJ018GB1 YJ024GA2 YJ024GA3 YJ024GB1 AGO18G AGO24G AH036G1 AG024G AG030G AG030GA AG030GA1 AG036GA1 AH018G AH018G2 CA9018VKC1 CH7524VKA4 CH7530VKA3 CH9524VKA3 CH9524VKB1 CH9530VKA3 YG024GC1 YG024GC2 YG030GA1 YG030GC1 YG030GC2 YJ018G YJ018G1 YJ018G2 YJ030G YJ030G1 YJ030G2 YK024G1 YK024G2 YK024GC2 YK030G YK030G1 YK030G2 YK030GC2 NAC0308KA1 ACC036GHAA ACC036GHAB ACC036HAA ACC036HAB ACC042GHAA ACC042GHAB ACC042HAA ACC042HAB CAC024ACC3 CAC024AGKC3 CAC030AKA1 CAC030AKA4 CAC030AKA5 CAC030AKB1 CAC030AKC3 CAC030GKA1 CAC030GKA4 CAC030GKA5 CAC030GKB1 CAC030GKC3 CAC036AKA1 CAC036AKA4 CAC036AKA5 CAC036AKB1 CAC036GHAA CAC036GHAB CAC036GHAC CAC036GHBA CAC036GKA1 CAC036GKA4 CAC036GKA5 CAC036GKB1 CAC036HAA CAC036HAB CAC036HAC CAC036HBA CAC042AKA1 CAC042AKA4 CAC042AKA5 CAC042AKB1 CAC042GNAA CAC042GNAB CAC042GNAC CAC042GNBA CAC042GKA1 CAC042GKA4 CAC042GKA5 CAC042GKB1 CAC042HAA CAC042HAB CAC042HAB CAC042HAC CAC042HBA CAC230AKA1 CAC230AKA4 CAC230AKA5 CAC230AKB1 CAC230AKC3 CAC230AKC1 CAC230AKC4 CAC230AKC5 CAC230AKB1 CAC230AKC3 CHP024AKA1 CHP024AKC1 CHP024AKC2 CHP024AKC3 CHP024GKA1 CHP024GKC1 CHP024GKC2 CHP024GKC3 CHP218AKA1 CHP218AKC1 CHP218AKC3 CHP218GKA CHP218GC1 CHP218GC3 CHP224AKA1 CHP224AKAA CHP224AKC1 CHP224AKC3 CHP224GKA1 CHP224GKAA CHP224GKC1 CHP224GKC3 CHP230AKA1 CHP230AKAA CHP230AKC1 CHP230AKC3 CHP230GKA1 CHP230GKAA CHP230GKC1 CHP230GKC3 HAC024AKC3 HAC024GKC3 HAC030AKA1 HAC030AKA4 HAC030AKA5 HAC030AKB1 HAC030AKC3 HAC030GKA4 HAC030GKA5 HAC030GKB1 HAC030GKC3 HAC036AKA1 HAC036AKA4 HAC036AKA5 HAC036AKB1 HAC036GKA4 HAC036GKA5 HAC036GKB1 HAC042AKA1 HAC042AKA4 HAC042AKA5 HAC042AKB1 HAC042GKA4 HAC042GKA5 HAC042GKB1 HAC230AKA1 HAC230AKA4 HAC230AKA5 HAC230AKB1 HAC230AKC3 HAC230AKC4 HAC230GKA4 HAC230GKA5 HAC230GKB1 HAC230GKC3 HAC230GKC4 HHP018AKA1 HHP018AKC1 HHP018AKC3 HHP018GKA1 HHP018GKC1 HHP018GKC3 HHP024AKA1 HHP024AKC1 HHP024AKC3 HHP024GKA1 HHP024GKC1 HHP024GKC1 HHP024GKC3 HHP230AKA1 HHP230AKC1 HHP230AKC3 HHP224GKA1 HHP224GKC1 HHP224GKC3 HHP224AKA1 HHP224AKC1 HHP224AKC3 HHP218GKA1 HHP218GKC1 HHP218GKC3 HHP218AKA1 HHP218AKC1 HHP218AKC3 HHP230GKA1 HHP230GKC1 HHP230GKC3 PGAA18B1K7 PGAA18B1K8 PGAA18C1K7 PGAA18C1K8 PGAA24B1K8 PGAA24C1K7 PGAA24C1K8 PGAA24D1K7 PGAA24D1K8 PGAD24B1K6 PGAD24B1K7 PGAD24B1K8 PGAD24D1K6 PGAD24D1K7 PGAD24D1K8 PGMD18G040 PGMD24 PHAD24N1K5 PHAD24N1K6 PHAD24N1K7 PYMC24G5 PYMC24G6 PYMC24G7 NAC030AKA4 A030AKA1 A030AKA4 A036AKA1 A036AKA4 A042AKA1 A042AKA4 H030AKA1 H2118AKA1 H224AKA1 H230AKA1 NAC030AKA1 NAC030GKA4 NAC030MKA1 NAC030MKA4 NAC036AKA1 NAC036AKA4 NAC036GKA1 NAC036GKA4 NAC036MKA1 NAC036MKA4 NAC042AKA1 NAC042AKA4 NAC042GKA1 NAC042GKA4 NAC042MKA1 NAC042MKA4 NAC230AKA1 NAC230AKA4 NAC230GKA1 NAC230GKA4 NAC230MKA1 NAC230MKA4 NHP030AKA1 NHP030AKA2 NHP030GKA1 NHP030GKA2 NHP030MKA1 NHP218AKA1 NHP218GKA1 NHP218MKA1 NHP224AKA1 NHP224GKA1 NHP224MKA1 NHP230AKA1 NHP230GKA1 NHP230MKA1 TCA024AKC3 TCA024AKC4 TCA030AKA1 TCA030AKA4 TCA030AKA5 TCA030AKB1 TCA030AKC3 TCA030AKC4 TCA036AKA1 TCA036AKA4 TCA036AKA5 TCA036AKB1 TCA036AKC3 TCA036AKC4 TCA042AKA1 TCA042AKA4 TCA042AKA5 TCA042AKB1 TCA042AKC3 TCA042AKC4 TCA230AKA4 TCA230AKA5 TCA230AKB1 TCA230AKC3 TCA230AKC4 TCH018AKA1 TCH018AKA2 TCH018AKC1 TCH018AKC2 TCH018AKC3 TCH024AKA1 TCH024AKA2 TCH024AKC1 TCH024AKC2 TCH024AKC3 TCH218AKA2 NAC030AKAI NAC030AKA1 Used in Goettel model number: GBHP 301 C


Bearing TypeSleeve
Bore Diameter/Shaft Diameter1/2 inch
Diameter5.6 inches
Package Quantity1
TypeCondenser Fan Motor